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The Main Line Group strives to simplify our client’s lives by helping them organize, manage and monitor their financial matters.  We have made available to our clients state of the art technology available 24/7 through our Performance Portal and Planning Portal.  Built into our portals is aggregation technology that gives us a complete picture of your financial life.

Now from one location you can see the values all of your assets no matter where they are held, your account performance,  your probability of successfully meeting your financial planning goals, and many other aspects of your finances.

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Performance Portal

Planning Portal

Charles Schwab

Performance Portal

Unlike many of the largest investment firms we don’t hide behind complex charts and graphs that can make it challenging to understand your performance.  Nor do we require you to have to request a report so you can see your performance.

We believe in transparency and that you should know how you are doing when you want to know.  Utilizing industry leading software we provide all of our clients with 24/7 access to information on their accounts.  Available on any web browser or through an iPad app. 

Through our Performance Portal clients can view a multitude of reports for an individual account or any combination of accounts and shown in the aggregate.  Some of the reports available to clients include:

  • Asset Allocation Report displays your current asset allocation, and how your asset allocation has changed over time.
  • Account Performance Report presents the performance of your accounts in both a percentage and dollar term basis.
  • Projected Income report illustrating received and anticipated income from each of your investments.
  • Realized Gain and Loss Report a transactional report that shows realized gain/loss transactions in the account over a specified period.
  • Unrealized Gain and Loss Report shows all open trade lots in the account, as well as the gain or loss that would be incurred if the lot was sold on the as of day for the report.
  • Transaction Report displays transactions for the selected group of accounts for a specified period of time.
  • Holdings Report– a comprehensive view of the individual security positions held.
  • Capital Flows Report displays all capital flow transactions over a specified time period.
  • Bond Maturity Schedule-displays all securities with upcoming maturities and call dates both graphically and tabular.

 To prepare a truly useful and comprehensive financial plan not only do we include you needs, wants and wishes,  but we include all of your accounts and assets from all sources and show you your probability of successfully reaching your goals.

Planning Portal

Our process begins with planning.  Proper planning is what can make the difference between enjoying your golden years and just surviving them.

The GTO planning process (Goals, Tracking, & Optimization) starts with the setting of your Goals  by capturing  your needs, wants and wishes.  With the help of our technology we take an inventory of your financial life by aggregating all your accounts and assets and update and Track them daily.  Incorporating your other sources of income and future cash flows we determine your probability of success reaching your goals.  We then look at ways to to Optimize your plan such as Social Security coordination planning, changing plan inputs, and stress testing various What-If Scenarios to determine the optimal mix  based on your goals. 


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